Parents, Grandparents, Caregivers and Other Adults:
Our Hidden-Pix puzzles are not just for fun. Just don’t tell the kids!

Finding a hidden image in a cluttered photograph helps improve your child’s cognitive skills development, i.e. builds learning skills.  

Searching for the images in our hidden pictures helps children…

      1) Distinguish the item from the background.

          …pre-requisite for identifying numbers and letters


      2) Develop the ability to recognize the properties of an object.

          …Even when it changes it’s form or appearance, it’s still that object.

          (In our puzzles, it’s still a rabbit/bunny, cat or frog.)


      3) Improve their ability to see and understand the differences between objects.

          …needed for both reading and math


      4) Improve observation skills and focusing their attention.

          …precursors for learning something new and developing self-control


      5) Learn to process, evaluate and analyze information to make comparisons and                    connections.

          …helps with problem solving

          …develops a better understanding of the world around us


Now that you’ve read about the benefits of our Hidden-Pix activities to your child’s cognitive development, we hope that all of you - even the adults - will enjoy finding those cute, silly and sometimes sneaky little bunnies and coy cats. Play our hidden puzzles together - parent and child. Makes a fun and educational activity!