This is Level 2.


There are 10 photographs with Level 2  bunnies hidden in the images.

  • Each photograph is labeled with how many rabbits are hidden there.

  • Click on a photograph to zoom in and move around the image to search for bunnies. 

  • Click on the photograph to exit the zoom feature.

When you’ve found all of the bunnies in that photograph...

  • Click the 'next' button to go to the next hidden pix photograph in the series.

  • Can't find those cute/sneaky little bunnies?  Click the 'answer' button under a single photograph to see where they're hidden or go to the 'Answers' page on top right of the website home page.

  • When you've seen where the bunnies are hidden in that photograph, you can click 'Return to Hidden Pix" and you'll be back at the image you were working on.

  • Continue clicking the 'next' button to see all of the hidden pix photographs on Level 2.


When you've found all the hidden bunnies on Level 2, click on the button that will take you to the Level 3.