Help Children Solve and Enjoy our Hidden-Pix Puzzles
Use our Connect-the-Dots Problem-Solving trick and build on it by asking these questions to help your child 'connect the bits' of information he/she has:
  1.   "What do you know?"
  •   What color do you see most in the Hidden-Pix? Is there another color  
         you see a lot in the picture?
    2.  "Ok. So we know the bunnies or cats would have to be the same colors as
         the background in order to hide, right?"
    3.  "So What color bunnies or cats would match the color of the background
  •   "Let's look at the Bunny or Cat Gallery to help us find what color cats or
         bunnies we should be searching for."
Now that you've helped your child better understand how the cats or bunnies can be hidden by blending in with/being the same or similar color as the background picture, try these next steps:
  • Break down the problem to be solved into smaller problems.
       ...Direct your child to look at smaller sections of the Hidden Pix, one
       small section at a time.
       ...Start on one side of the puzzle - either top or bottom - and look
       carefully at that one section, zooming in for a closer look as needed.
       ...Once the first section is searched, move to another section adjacent to
       the one just searched.
Refer back to the Bunny or Cat Gallery as often as needed to help remind your child how the bunnies or cats vary in size, color, shape and position.
The key to having fun with our Hidden-Pix Puzzles is helping your child learn to break a big problem into smaller ones that can be solved one at a time. And by figuring out what he/she knows - e.g. what color is the background pix? what color cat should we be looking for? - before trying to find those sly bunnies and cute cats!
polka dot cat cartoon redone.png