Creative Problem Solving





Creative problem solving is a way to overcome predicable and obvious thinking with techniques designed to encourage and spark creativity. In many cases, valuable creative ideas can occur within the constraints of solving a particular problem.

Creative problem solving is a process that fosters  and recognizes learning, not just the effort. You can  train your brain so it becomes a habit NOT TO ACCEPT a response of ‘no’ or 'that won’t work'. Try this ideas:


  • Look at problems creatively and from different perspectives.

       ...What would a Martian think? What would an artist do? What would a

       scientist do? What would a cat do? A juggler? An elephant?

       ...Ask 'What if..." to evoke a response that uses your imagination, even it

       the answer to the question seems unreal or really odd. You want a shift in

       thinking here. "What if I could use a different tool? Tried a different way

       to make...took a different route...used a different material or writing


  • Use a nonjudgemental approach. 'Anything goes' encourages risk taking and participation, while improving your own or your child's self-confidence to try to problem solve.

  • Use a 'brainshower' of ideas. This goes beyond brainstorming. It's saying outloud or writing down all possible solutions to the problem, no matter how 'far out'. Don't force ideas, just let your brain 'go' free and see what happens!

       ...Then, sort through what you came up with and choose several of the

       most interesting ones and explore each of them.

You won’t always have great ideas, but you’ll have enough ideas to make it more likely that you’ll find a useful one. This “spontaneous” creativity will be easier if you start training your  brain to come up with solutions beyond standard ones.


Why not start developing the habit of creative problem solving today? Help the children in your life learn how to train their own brains by developing creative problem solving skills, too!

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