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Connecting The Dots: Critical Thinking
All your experiences.   Things you observe.   What you do every day.     Books you read.  People you meet.   It's all information stored in your brain.
Connect those bits of information during the critical thinking process and you'll be surprised how a free-flowing mind connects seemingly unrelated concepts and ideas.
This process can produce 'AHA!' moments helpful with problem solving; inspiring innovatve ideas; opening a door you didin't event know was there; lighting the way to do things differently; and shifting paradigms.
It truly is an amazing process. Remember the 'connect the dot' pictures you did as a child? And how the picture revealed itself, as you completed more and more of the connections?
You can help children learn how to 'connect-the-dots' of information, when solving our Hidden-Pix Puzzles, too. It's a great place to try it out and help them learn a new way of critical thinking!
Start with helping children identify what they know:

What do you know? You know:

  • the ''photo background colors

  • there are lots of different colors, kinds, shapes of bunnies or cats from the    


  • to match color of background to color of a bunny or cat you’re looking



 You also know:

  • 'hidden pix' means bunnies and cats are hiding somewhere in the photos

  • to look for bunnies and cats that are different colors, shapes and sizes

  • 'hidden pix'  puzzles become more challenging as you move through the four levels


Now you know this, too:

  • If the background pix is gray or dark, then look for a gray or darker bunny or cat because it will be easier for the bunnies and cats to hide.

  • If the background pix has a lot of white snow, then look for white bunnies.

  • If the background pix has fall colors like orange, gold or brown , then look for cats that are those colors.

  • If there are trees, bushes or tree trunks, look for hidden bunnies or cats there.

  • If there are rocks or mountains, look for cats hiding on the rocks or mountains.